Suertres Lotto 3D Draw Schedule

Suertres Lotto 3D Draw Schedule: When is the next Suertres Lotto 3D Draw? How many times is the PCSO lotto schedule for Suertres Lotto 3D draw daily? What times are the draws for Suertres Lotto 3D?

What is the Suertres Lotto 3D Draw?

The Suertres Lotto3D Draw is a PCSO Lotto game involving a three-number combination ranging from 000 to 999. "Suertres" is the combination of the words "suerte" or luck and "tres" or three, thus, suertres means the "lucky three."

Before, the Suertres Lotto 3D draw is only available for Visayas-Mindanao players. But now, there is also one draw available nationwide.

Ticket Price and Jackpot Prize Amount

Suertres 3D Lotto Draw Schedule

How much does it cost to play Suertres Lotto 3D? Every three-number combination costs ten pesos (P10). Increase the number of bets to increase the jackpot winning.

How much can one win from Suertres Lotto 3D? The minimum jackpot prize amount for a ten peso bet is four thousand five hundred pesos (P4,500).  If a bettor places twenty pesos (P20) on a winning combination, he would take home nine thousand (P9,000), and so on.

There are no other consolation prizes for this game.

Chances of Winning the Suertres Lotto 3D Draw Jackpot Prize

A player playing the Suertres 3D Lotto has a 1 in 1,000 chance of winning the jackpot prize. Remember that the winning combination must match in exact order to win.

Suertres Lotto 3D Draw Schedule

The schedule of Suertres Lotto 3D draw is held every day, three times a day at 11:00AM, 4:00PM and 9:00PM. The morning and afternoon draws are for Visayas-Mindanao players only and the evening draw is a nationwide draw which can be watched over a National Broadcasting Network NBN Channel 4 together with other lotto games.

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