EZ2 Lotto 2D Draw Schedule

EZ2 Lotto 2D Draw Schedule: When is the next lotto schedule for EZ2 Lotto 2D draw? Is the EZ2 Lotto 2D draw done three times daily? At what times are the EZ2 Lotto 2D held by PCSO?

What is the EZ2 Lotto 2D Draw?

The EZ2 Lotto 2D draw is a two-number combination game conducted by the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes or PCSO three times daily. It involves drawing two numbers from a lot of 1 to 31, where the same number can appear twice in a combination. The numbers must be in exact order to win.

It seems to be a copy of the illegal local numbers game called "jueteng" because it is also a two-number combination from 1 to 31.

Morning and afternoon draws are available for Luzon players only while the evening draw is available nationwide.

Ticket Price and Jackpot Prize Amount

EZ2 Lotto 2D Draw Schedule

The cost of playing the EZ2 Lotto 2D game is ten pesos (P10) per two-number combination. The bet on a combination can be increased in increments of ten pesos (P10) to increase the take home payout.

Every ten peso play has a chance to win four thousand pesos (P4,000) for every correct two-number combination, in exact order. If a bettor bets twenty pesos (P20) and match the correct numbers, this means he will be taking home eight thousand pesos(P8,000).

Chances of Winning the EZ2 Lotto 2D Jackpot Prize

The chances of winning the EZ2 Lotto 2D game, that is getting the correct combination in exact order, are 1 in 961. No ticket, no prize.

EZ2 Lotto 2D Draw Schedule

The schedule of EZ2 Lotto 2D draw is held three time a day, every 11:00AM, 4:00PM and 9:00PM. The morning and afternoon draws are for Luzon players only while the evening draw is for nationwide players which can be seen over at the National Broadcasting Network NBN Channel 4, with no commercial break, together with other PCSO lotto games.

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